Jumping on the resolution bandwagon

Hello my pretties!  Happy 2014 to you all! Here’s to me praying that this year is more full of joy and growth and less of just “survival mode” for me and my family (it’s been a rough few years).  If that’s where you stand as well, then I am praying this for you also, life can be hard and sometimes the only way to get through is barely surviving…but that is DEFINITELY NOT where God wants us to live! He promises that we should have life and have it more abundantly!

So, I am very aware that today is the day when we’re all thinking of starting our resolutions for the new year, and wondering at the same time how long our effort will actually last this time.  I am TOTALLY on that boat with you, I am an awesome starter and not so great on the track record of actually finishing (this, in itself, is part of my resolution every year).  Let me also start out by saying that it’s ridiculous to think that resolutions should always be made on January 1, there are many times throughout the year that we all make promises to ourselves to be better people or to get better at certain things in our lives, aren’t there?  When a relationship ends we tend to make promises about what our next relationship will be like; or when we make a mistake and fall don’t we always promise ourselves to never do that again and what we will do different next time?  For me though (and for many others apparently), this is kind of a time in our lives every year when we force ourselves to sit down and take stock of where we’ve come and what’s important to us.  I definitely need this in my life, because sometimes it gets so crazy just running around in all of the craziness that I forgot to do just that, sit down and think about what’s important.  I will share with you a few things that are on my  list for this year, but only for the accountability, everyone’s list is SO different!

  • Spend more time with friends/family (seems simple but in our busy lives it’s harder than you would think and they are my support)
  • Start a blog (this one scares me quite a bit honestly)
  • Love more and judge less (harder than you might think, loving people is a messy business but SO WORTH IT!)
  • Read more (not just for the sake of reading, but to better myself and be a more well rounded person)
  • Volunteer with a local outreach (in some way, in any way, just to get out of myself and love on other people)
  • Learn how to apply winged gel eyeliner (don’t judge, it’s so much harder than you think!)

There are really SO MANY websites out there right now talking about resolutions, but what’s important is to look into your own life and see what needs to change – what outlook/heart change do you want more of this year? Once you know what you want to change, tell somebody!  By far it is more effective with any change you make if you have someone to hold you accountable with your progress. Also, start the new year off right by looking at all the things/people you are so thankful for this year! There is never a better way to start off anything than to just be thankful for what you have and where you’ve come from.

So, here’s to an awesome 2014, where some of the changes we make will maybe not affect the whole world, but where we have the opportunity to make a HUGE difference in our communities and in the lives of those around us!  Be free to love, be extravagant in it, “against these things there is no law”!


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